Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hint! He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Can You Guess One Of April's Birthday Flowers?

                                         Happy Birthday April babies!


and Sweet Peas are your birth month flowers.

Daisies signify innocence, simplicity, cheerfulness, and playfulness. You might automatically think of white petals with yellow centers as the epitome of a ... daisy. Yet, flowers in the daisy family of Asteraceae are many ... and come in myriad of colors, styles, shapes, and heights. Take a peek at the photos below of flowers in the daisy family. You may be very surprised.
Yarrow or Achillea


                                      Echinacea or Purple Coneflowers
                                         Tithonia or Mexican Sunflowers
                                      Bachelor Buttons or Cornflowers
                                     and Dahlias to name just a few.

                                                             Now on to ...
                                                            Sweet Peas!

Sweet Peas, from the Genus - Lathyrus Odoratus ... are fragrant, annual climbers that can reach 5-6 feet in height. There is also a "bush type" plant perfect for flower pots. These lovely flowers represent ...

                                                or delicate pleasure.

                   And a Happy April Birthday to all!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

2019 It's the first day of Spring In The Poconos. Hurry up! Go get an egg! What?

Today is March 20, 2019. Spring has sprung. Finally ... The Vernal Equinox. The 1st day of Spring. Equal hours of daylight and darkness. Well, sorta. Actually, the daylight outlasts the darkness. Either way, all I know is that today marks the end of Winter. Yay!

   The arrival of Spring also heralds in other momentous events to behold.

Once again Spring flowers are in bloom. Unfortunately, not here in the Pocono Mountains til mid-May.

Once again, our beech trees are green with new leaves. Nope. Not til the end of May in the Pocono Mountains.

Lambs are being born by the first day of Spring  ... nowhere in the mountains of the Poconos. Late March perhaps in the more western or southern areas of PA where it is much warmer.  

    and ducklings are exploring their new world ... in June in the Poconos.  

Now for the most exciting thing about the first day of spring ... and it has nothing to do with weather, location, or temperature. 
Today's the day you can make a raw egg stand on end all by itself! It is only possible to accomplish this astounding feat twice a year ... on the first day of Spring and the first day of Autumn. Hurry up and go get an egg! You don't want to miss this opportunity. Be the first to amaze all your friends!

Hmmn ... you really got excited about this, didn't you? I bet you definitely were going to try it. Well, it is true. You can stand a raw egg on its end.  Only ... you can do it any day of the week and any time of the year. It's all about trial and error. Texture and shape of the egg. And a steady hand. Don't have a nimble fingers? Use salt as a base. Make a small mound of salt on a flat, hard surface and carefully position your egg on it until it's perfectly balanced. Then gently blow the salt away. Ta-Da!

Believe in the myth. Sometimes it's more fun than the truth.
-Jane Rutkowski

Posted photos from Pixabay and morgueFiles.


Monday, March 18, 2019

March Madness In The Poconos And How To Look On The Bright Side

Hmm, what can I say? The calendar might say it's almost Spring ... yet, it doesn't look or feel like it.  But I do know it is ... coming.  That's why Patience is a virtue.

The hungry deer are fed through the Winter
 so there will be healthy Mama does and new fawns in the Summer.
I winter sowed seeds in January
so I will have seedlings to plant out by late Spring.
I planted tulip bulbs late in the Fall
so I will have beautiful flowers to enjoy in May.
I potted up some amaryllis bulbs inside in late December
so there would be beautiful flowers to enjoy indoors in March.

And when I see my first Robin ...
then I will know Spring is really here!

Friday, March 1, 2019

March Babies ... Your Birth Gemstones & Birth Flower

A Happy Birthday to all who are born in the month of March.  You have 2 special birthstone gems. One is called an ...  Aquamarine. It forms in large crystals, is a lovely shade of blue-green, and is mined in many countries throughout the world.
It is a very durable gemstone that is used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. In addition, it is also associated with possessing soothing energies as well as being a symbol of eternal youth and happiness.  And that's not all!
It is sometimes referred to as Mermaids' Treasure. Though nothing more than a fanciful tale, people once believed that the gemstones were actually formed from a mermaid's tears.
Sailors, too, revered aquamarines and considered them a good luck charm. Many a sailor would tuck a stone into his pocket to protect him as he journeyed across the perilous oceans of the world. Now let me tell you about your 2nd birth gemstone ... Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is the more common name. Also called, Heliotrope, is actually green jasper with red specs of Hematite.  Hence, the name Bloodstone. It is dark green or greenish-blue in color. It is often associated with having magical properties. 

                                          Usually, it is formed into beads to make necklaces
                                                         or can be fashioned into lovely rings.

                                   Now as to the birth flower for the month of March ....
                                                      Daffodils!  Daffodils!   Daffodils!

Did you know that there are more than 13,000 distinct varieties of daffodils in existence? The fluted yellow variety pictured above is probably what comes to mind when you think of these bright harbingers of Spring. Yet, they come in a gorgeous array of different colors, sizes, and shapes!
                                                    These delightful flowers signal Rebirth
                                                                        Hope and joy
                                                                              and Love!

                          Happy Birthday March babies!

Friday, February 15, 2019

C'mon Spring ... Bring On Some Flowering Spring Bulbs & Flowers!

Groundhog Day has come and passed. I know Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring. Sure do hope so, but he's usually wrong. I can't wait til Spring arrives, so I'll put on my own flower show!
Not the first Spring flowers to appear in the Poconos, but Daffodils are my absolute favorite Spring flowers.  They are just so cheery and tolerate the early cool days of Spring with ease.
Snowdrops, though, usually show up first by defiantly pushing their way right up through the snow!
Crocus are okey-dokey with the white stuff, too.
Pansies also love the cooler weather.
Sweet Alyssum love the sun but don't mind a little nip in the air.
A much warmer mid-Spring brings sweetly scented Hyacinths
more Daffodils
Muscari, also known as Grape Hyacinths
and bright, colorful Tulips.
When the later part of Spring arrives, the Alliums will be blooming their heads off
along with the Peonies
and Bleeding Hearts.
Just have to wait ... sigh.

What are your favorite Spring flowering bulbs and flowers?