Monday, February 16, 2015

White Flowers Instead Of White Snowflakes

If you live in the Northeast, white is often the dominate color of the winter season. Oh, untouched snow-covered landscapes can be absolutely beautiful, but by late February, the appeal is definitely waning. The glorious shades of spring are the colors we so desperately crave after a long winter. Each passing day draws us a little closer to the return of new green leaves on the trees, clusters of yellow daffodils, tall red and pink tulips, and cheery little purple pansies. The white of winter soon becomes a distant memory. Ahh, but vibrant splashes of white can be positively dazzling in spring and summer landscapes!

Tall white foxglove exudes elegance.

Eye catching are the frilly white petals of a double Shirley poppy.

A white California poppy almost glows!

A white zinnia with a twist of lime.

Say "Yes" to white yarrow.

Flowers are heaven's masterpiece.
-Dorothy Parker

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