Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Colors & Scents of Spring ... In My Mind's Eye

It's almost the end of January. I'm already tired of the cold, of the snow, of the ice and ... the numbing absence of color.  Not that winter landscapes aren't bathed in lovely, varying hues of muted browns, tans, grays, and whites. But they are neutral tones. They blend easily into one another. Nondescript. Barely noticed. I keep telling myself I have to be patient ...  as I walk out my front door and begin to slowly walk around my garden. As I turn a corner, I see ....
bright yellow Daffodils! In my mind's eye, I see their heads gently bobbing on a slowly warming breeze. So, I take a few more steps ...
Oh my! I then see a lovely cloud of blooming Crocus in a pretty shade of lavender edging the walkway. In anticipation, I continue to meander around the yard ....
Look! There's a budding Peony stretching toward the sunny, blue sky.
And a few steps beyond that, I see Tulips ... in shades of pink, lavender, and yellow swaying lazily on tall stems in the warm sunlight. As I continue on and turn the corner, I pause. What is that intoxicating scent?
Of course! My favorite flower scent of all ... Spring Lilacs! Just then I happen to glance upward to see a smattering of snowflakes just beginning to fall. With a shrug and a gentle sigh, I turn and head back down the walkway toward the front door. As I close the door, I find myself once again, softly smiling.

SPRING ... is a time of rebirth, renewal.  SPRING all its glory, is the culmination of what we wait patiently for during the long Winter months. SPRING ... is a PROMISE that Mother Nature always keeps.

Keep your spirits up! Spring ... will be here before we know it!

Happy Gardening 🎕🎕🎕🎕

*** All photos courtesy of PIXABAY ***

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