Sunday, January 19, 2014

Waiting for Spring ...

It's the middle of January.  I'm already tired of the cold, of the snow, of the ice and ... the numbing absence of color.  Not that winter landscapes aren't bathed in varying hues of muted browns, tans, grays, and whites.  But they are neutral tones.  They blend easily into one another.  Nondescript.  Barely noticed.  I keep telling myself I have to be patient ....

Soon, the landscape will begin to shimmer with color heralding the arrival of early Spring.  Bright yellow daffodils will be bobbing their heads gently on the slowly warming breeze while purple crocus and pale blue forget-me-nots brighten the edges along a winding brick walkway.

Bursting with color, pink and orange tulips will sway lazily on tall stems in the warm sunlight.  Continue to meander around the garden, and you'll spy red tinged emerging leaf tips of peonies breaking through the warm earth and stretching toward the sky.  

By mid-spring the sleeping roses will be stirring from their long winter's nap.  Dormant slender stems will begin to swell with new life as they begin to turn green.  Soon after, branches will bear clusters of five pointed pale green leaves.  And lastly, delicate buds will form with just a hint of color.

As mid-spring turns to late spring, just close your eyes and you will unmistakeably recognize the sweet intoxicating scent of lavender lilacs. Take a few more steps down the garden path and your breath will be swept away by the sight of giant, ruffled pink peonies and the tall sky blue delphiniums that grace your cottage garden.

Spring is a time of re-birth, renewal.  Spring, in all its glory, is the culmination of what we have been waiting patiently for during the long winter months.  Simply, in the spring, Nature's glorious display makes us savor, even more, what has been promised to us.

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