Thursday, February 20, 2014

Do You Know What Your Birth Month Flower Is?

I bet you know what your birthstone is. The gemstone for February, my birth month, is amethyst. Guess you could say I'm lucky. I absolutely love the color purple. 
Until recently I didn't know that every month also has its own special flower to commemorate a birthday. Some months even have two flowers. My birth flowers are ... violets

Hmmn, have I piqued your interest? Well, read on to find out what your birthstone and special birthday flower is.

March's birthstone is the aquamarine.

 Daffodils bring birthday greetings to all those born in the month of March.

For those born in April, your birthstone sparkles like no other. Yours is the diamond.
with bright, cheery daisies
and the intoxicating scent of sweet peas to color your birth month.

May, your birthstone is the brightest of greens. The brillant emerald.
Your birth month flower is the lily of the valley. Delicate, white bell-shaped flowers add their perfumed sweetness to your birthday.

June, a favorite month for weddings. Creamy white pearls often embellish the silk and fine lace of a wedding gown or grace the slender throat of a blushing bride with their loveliness.  
So what could be more lovely than roses to decorate a bride's bouquet as June's birth flower.

July's birthstone is the ruby and it sizzles with fiery brilliance. 
Lovely water lilies
and tall larkspar
glow with their own brilliance as July's enchanting flowers of the month.

August's precious jewel is a peridot
accompanied by gorgeous gladiolus
and perky poppies
to dazzle August birthdays.

September's birthstone is the stunning sapphire.
Morning glories
and asters
 herald in the beginning of Autumn as September's birth month flowers.

 Shimmering opals shine their light on October birthdays 
and vibrant calendula
bloom with abandon as October's birth flower.

November's birthstone Topaz sparkles with its own kind of fire
equally matched by the vibrant blooms of November's birth flower the chrysanthemum.

December celebrates its winter birthdays with turquoise as its birthstone.
December shares two birth flowers.
and narcissus
make a striking contrast to be sure.

January's birthstone is as full-bodied and rich as a glass of deep red burgandy wine. January's birthstone is the garnet.

For those of you born in January, your birth flowers are snowdrops
and carnations.

So Happy Birthday to all.  Enjoy your birth flowers ...


  1. Aquamarine and turquoise shades are my favourite colours so I was surprised when I discovered that they were my birth month flowers too. Thanks for visiting my blog last weekend - sorry it's taken me so long to make a return visit to yours.

    1. Hi Rosie, so nice to hear from you. There are so many things connected to gardening that are surprising! I recently got a new camera - Nikon 3100 that I am just loving! I can't wait until summer when my gardens will be bursting with color. I'll have plenty of subjects to photograph! Take care,Jane

  2. Great Blog! I loved the birthstone/birth flower essay! Annie woy

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