Friday, July 25, 2014

My Plants Are Being Held Prisoner! And I'm The One Who's Locked Them Up!

Exactly what am I talking about you might wonder?  Well, I had to find some way to protect my flowers and shrubs from the unrelenting determination of the deer, groundhogs, and squirrels that come to feast on my poor defenseless plants almost on a daily basis. When push comes to shove,  I decided to imprison some of my plants in plastic deer fencing.  It isn't very pretty, but it works.  It started with day lilies. I had five nice clumps of  yellow day lilies like this blooming in my front garden.
Then one morning  all the blooms were gone.  The scene of the crime was filled with small hoof prints. Ah...ha!  My determination is:  deer, no doubt, were the culprits.

 At least I was able to rescue a few buds here and there.

Now on to the next casualty ...
See the peony bush on the left?

This is what that same peony looks like now. Deer or groundhogs?  Could have been either.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save the peony in time.  On the plus side though, I was able  to enjoy its lovely mauve colored blooms while they lasted.
                                                                      On to the next ...
Forsythia.  About three years ago my hubby and I bought eight nice sized forsythia bushes and planted them all all around our yard. I always assumed that deer didn't like forsythia bushes. Well, I was very wrong. They loved the ones in our yard.  Tired of the deer chewing them down to almost nubs, this past spring , as an experiment, we decided to fence one in.  As you can see, it is absolutely thriving!

                This is pretty much the state of the seven remaining forsythia bushes. 

Oh,  I  had also resorted to imprisoning some of my potted plants, too.  This is a pot planted with Bright Lights Cosmos.  From past experience, I learned that the groundhogs simply adore them.  Groundhogs are bold creatures. The furry, fat critters have no qualms about coming right up onto the deck and the deck rails to snack on them.   Like I said earlier, it's not very pretty, but the plastic deer fencing does the job pretty effectively.  I also thought I'd mention that a friend came visiting yesterday whom I hadn't seen in awhile. When she looked at my pot of cosmos she laughingly quipped, "What is that? Did you go out and steal some kid's basketball hoop?" 

                               And last, but not least is the barricade.  Oops ... wrong photo.
      This is my cat, Patch.  He thinks he's a barricade.  Squirrels fear him. NOT.

This is my barricade, a decorative metal garden fence and chair combo on my back deck.  So far so good. The deer don't venture onto the deck and the groundhogs and squirrels have left my zinnias, mexican sunflowers, and cosmos alone. 
When it comes to stopping pesky critters from eating plants,  perseverance sometimes does pay off!

Well, Happy Gardening  to all!  Drop me a comment ... I would love to hear from you,  Janie

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