Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Into Fall ... Annuals In Flowerpots!

Perennials may brighten many gardens in the spring and early summer, but it's the month of August when some annual flowers really start to put on a show.  They can be real showstoppers in flowerpots!
A window box filled with bright red petunias, marigolds, and zinnias really brighten up the railing on my back deck.

I love the color yellow.  This Bright Lights Cosmos flower really pops, doesn't it?

Do you love roses, but have problems with deer devouring them? Grow mini roses in flowerpots and place them on a bi-level deck or porch. Bambi and his friends usually won't venture up the steps!

I just adore plants that climb. Cheery black-eyed susan vine is easy to start from seed and grows beautifully in flowerpots.  Just remember to place a trellis or some bamboo stakes into the pot so that the vining leaves and pretty flowers have something to ramble all over.

Annual candytuft is another easy to grow annual. In late spring sow some annual candytuft seeds into a flowerpot. You will have pretty flowers in shades pink, white, and lavender to brighten up a corner of your porch or deck all summer into fall.

This was the first time I ever grew Gladiolus, and I grew them in flowerpots.  Just be sure to stake them before they get too tall.  I used a tomato cage and it worked really well.
Last but not least ... marigolds are a cinch to grow and look great in flowerpots. They actually are lovely as Fall flowers since they will bloom right up until hard frost. I use them in place of mums (which the deer eat).

Happy gardening to all! Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. così carino, un lavoro ben creativo fatto da voi. un Vasi per piante sarà un buon regalo per il vostro insegnante