Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Musings From The Poconos ...Successes-Part One

August is gone, and September is here.  Lots of things happen in September. School starts. Beaches, lakes, and parks are no longer as crowded.  Warm, sunny days are subtly giving way to cooler, less humid days.  It's almost as if Mother Nature is saying, "Ahhh, I can finally put my feet up and relax a bit."
Me, too.  At least for a little while until Fall clean-up begins. If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I'm an avid gardener. Not always successful, but I try. At any rate, come the Fall I begin to take note of this season's gardening successes and failures. Here goes.  The successes. 
Marigolds are a staple in my garden every year.  These are Jaguar, and I also grow Dwarf French Marigolds.  I just love them.  They bloom til frost and the deer and groundhogs leave them alone.
These are Blue Star columbine. I planted them out as home grown seedlings last summer (2013) and they bloomed this summer. 
  This year I experimented with bulbs and corms.  This is Freesia that I started from corms inside and moved them outdoors in late Spring. I still have one plant left setting flowers.
Gladiolus grown in pots! I'd never grown these before and they are a sight to behold when in bloom. I just cut the last bloom yesterday.
I had to include my mini roses.  This is my only surviving mini rose plant from Valentine's Day 3 years ago.  I keep it in a pot and overwinter it in my garage. In the spring when it begins to show new growth, I re-pot it in fresh potting soil and move it out to my back deck where it can bask happily in the sun.
Bright Lights Cosmos are also a staple for me.  They are easy to grow, about 18 inches tall, and bloom from mid-summer on.  The mix is supposed to be yellow, orange, and red. I've never had a red blossom. I think I may check out seed catalogs for red ones!
Annual Candytuft.  I had tried to grow these the past few years with very little success.  I would sow them directly in the garden and they would just not grow for me.  This year I sowed seeds into a pot and Voila!  They did great!

Well, that about wraps it up for my most successful efforts this year.  Stay tuned for Part Two - the not so successful.

Happy Gardening!

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