Friday, October 17, 2014

I Want A Blooming Amaryllis For Christmas!

         I really want a beautiful Amaryllis ... in full bloom ... for Christmas!

One that looks like this.

                                                                            Not like this ....

                                    Which was caused by ... this!  Patch was an evil kitten.

Today I replanted my only surviving (non-blooming) bulb from last year.  Oh, by the way ... the photo above is of last year's effort before Patch got to it. Anyway, I took the bulb which I'd had chilling in the garage for about 8 weeks and planted it into a heavy, 6 inch ceramic pot. Instead of soil, I used builders sand. I read somewhere that amaryllis bulbs will grow well in soil, sand, stones, and even plain water.  I figured I'd give it a try. After watering it well, I put the pot on top of my curio cabinet where it will get plenty of indirect, but bright light.  In about 4 weeks the bulb should start to produce new, green growth.  In the following 4-6 weeks tall green leaves and emerging scapes should appear.  Then if all goes well  ... 

                                    Flowers! Just in time for Christmas!

                                  Keeping my fingers crossed ......


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