Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Poconos "WILD" Wildlife And Weather

 Nothing like a Poconos snowstorm and a trip to the doctor first thing in the morning to get you going. Anyway, got a lovely case of Conjunctivitis, better known as "pink eye." Great way to start the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend.  At least I have drops to relieve the itching and the gunky stuff.  And I'm not cooking tomorrow ... daughter-in-law is.  I'll sit in a corner somewhere and try not to contaminate anyone.  Bring on the hand sanitizer ....

Getting back to the snowstorm ... heavy wet snow, total about 8 inches on the ground. Thankfully, it's winding down now.  And ... I got some great photos out of the deal!  Two bucks decided to do a little sparring in my backyard.  Pulled out the Nikon and clicked away. 

It was really fascinating to watch them.  I could still kick myself, though.  I never thought to shoot a video!  Arrrh!!!!

And how was your day?

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