Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Fell In Love With Chamomile Tea

Ahhh. Chamomile tea. It's aroma is floral ... and fruity. Maybe even has a bit of vanilla, too.  

Chamomile tea is wonderful in so many ways. Feeling stressed? Chamomile contains a chemical called Apigenin which promotes a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system which can help lower blood pressure. 

Ladies, is it that time of the month? Try a cup of chamomile tea to help ease your menstrual cramps. 

Are you having a bit of nausea or indigestion? Chamomile tea will help calm your troubled tummy. It's also an antispasmodic.  It helps to relax the muscles that line the digestive tract. 

Suffering from a bad cold or sinus infection? Take a cup of very hot chamomile tea, and being careful not burn yourself, inhale the steam to ease the discomfort of inflamed mucous membranes.

Did you ever imagine that this herb, a member of the daisy family, had so many medicinal qualities? Last year I winter sowed some German Chamomile seeds, and last summer I planted them out into my garden. They are supposed to be prolific self-seeders. If they make  it through this very cold, snowy winter and return this summer, you know I am definitely going to try my hand at harvesting and drying my own chamomile flowers. Wish me luck!

Come and share some tea with me. I'll even give you a cookie.
-Jane Rutkowski

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