Friday, February 20, 2015

Tip Toe Through My Orange Summer Garden

Yes, it's Winter. It's 10 degrees outside. You've become snow blind from looking at the vast frozen tundra in your front yard. You need to see ... color.  Bright, vibrant color.  How about ... orange? Come on.  Let's take a stroll though summer!

          Gaillardia, also called blanket flower, a perennial that sizzles in the summer heat.  

Annual tithonia, commonly called Mexican sunflower. What a butterfly magnet!

What would summer be without #orange zinnias? I like to think of them as summer's fiesta flowers.

Tall Snaps ... let the dragons breathe fire into your garden.  Carefree annuals that will delight you all summer.

Nasturtiums aren't just pretty. They're edible!  Add some orange sparkle to your salad greens.

Winter got you down? Buy yourself a bouquet of cut flowers. Viola! Instant sunshine.
-Jane Rutkowski


  1. I keep forgetting to include some flowers like nasturtiums in salads. Also borage I find is easy to grow, also edible and beautiful. Butterfly magnets, plants that soak up the sun, that's what I want too. Great post!

    1. Hi Sue,
      Finally getting back to you. We've all been sick for about 2 weeks. Some kind of stomach bug that kept going around and around. Anyway, better now.
      Glad you liked my post. I didn't know borage was edible? Do you know if deer and groundhogs leave it alone? I like to try and grow a new and different plant each year and see how "critter proof" it is.I bought seeds for something called "Lemon Mint". It's in the Monarda family. Tall - 3 feet - with lavender flowers and a citrisy scent. The flowers are supposed to be nice in flower arrangements, and teas can be made with the leaves. Now, if only the weather would cooperate ...
      Happy gardening,