Monday, February 16, 2015

White Flowers Instead Of White Snowflakes

If you live in the Northeast, white is often the dominate color of the winter season. Oh, untouched snow-covered landscapes can be absolutely beautiful, but by late February, the appeal is definitely waning. 

The glorious shades of spring are the colors we so desperately crave after a long winter. Have faith. Each passing day draws us a little closer to Spring. Though it will still be awhile before Spring arrives, and snowflakes may still fall, come with me. Enjoy a garden of white flowers instead of white snowflakes!

Tall White Foxglove exudes elegance.

Eye catching are the frilly White petals of a Double Shirley Poppy.

A white California Poppy almost glows!

A White Zinnia with a twist of lime.

Say "Yes" to White Yarrow.

                                                             Delightful Dahlias!

A Rambling White Rose.

A White Bleeding Heart.

White Dazzling Daisies!

Flowers are heaven's masterpiece.
-Dorothy Parker

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