Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fish On! Or Maybe Not ...

Today was opening day for trout season for most regions in Pennsylvania. I took my camera and headed out to snap some shots of anxious, hopeful anglers. It was a cool start to the day, but a beautiful morning.
The dock was not as crowded as other years.  In other words ... a person could move at least a foot in any direction.

                              Over by the boat ramp there was plenty of elbow room, too.

                       This fisherman preferred a spot by himself along the lake shore edge.

These two anglers ventured out pretty far out into the lake. Let me tell you ... that water is cold.
                                             This fisherman waded in only ankle deep.

                            Boaters? Well, they could go pretty much wherever they chose.

                               And as for this little guy, he was all set to catch the big one!

And you know, maybe he did ... cause I didn't see anyone else at all reel in a single fish!

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