Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring And Early Summer In The Poconos

This is a post from April 2015, but many things are the same today as they were two years ago. Weather in the Poconos is very unpredictable. Two feet of snow on the ground in January is pretty much the norm, but we've had snowstorms on Halloween. Sixty-five degrees in mid-February. Snow flurries on Mother's Day. And scorching 100 degree temperatures in July for two weeks straight only to be followed by two weeks of heavy rain. So, what do I do? Shrug it off and get out there and enjoy myself whenever I can! Spring and summer, here I come!
I'm wearing a winter coat and hat in this photo. See the bright green leaves on the trees? Bet you'd never guess that this was May 12th, 2012. Well, a gardening girl's gotta do what a gardening girl's gotta do ....
Summers can be a sheer delight in the Poconos. One day a few summers ago, I saw these two horses from a nearby riding stable out grazing in the warm sunshine. Of course, I had to stop and snap a picture!
The Delaware Water Gap is always a sight to behold. It is where the Delaware River cuts through the Appalachian Mountains on the border between New Jersey & Pennsylvania. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area encompasses approximately 70,000 acres of forest and floodplain on both sides of the river. It is the largest recreation area in the eastern United States for fishing, hiking, and camping.
Waterfalls, too, are definitely a main attraction in the Poconos in the spring and summer.  What you might not expect is where you just might find one. Would you believe that this gorgeous spot was partially hidden behind an ice cream storefront?
Nearby Tobyhanna State Park has quite a few walking trails along the lakefront. My hubby and I took a walk there a few summers ago and spotted this critter sunning itself.
I have no idea what kind of pretty wildflowers these are, but they were growing  in some marshy areas along Tobyhanna Lake.
Another lovely place to visit in the spring and summer is beautiful Promised Land State Park. Hubby and I had unexpectedly encountered this whimsical bit of wood carving while strolling in the park. What a very pleasant surprise.
Promised Land State Park also has a large lake for fishing and swimming. It also has a pair of resident bald eagles that nest there every year in the tall trees right across the lower lake.
In the Poconos, you sometimes don't know what you'll fine in your own backyard. My hubby rescued this little bunny one summer afternoon a few years ago when he spied our cat, Bob, playing with it in the yard. It was not injured, so we called a local wildlife rehabilitation center for advice. Luckily, the little fella was old enough to fend for itself and it was relocated and released back into the wild.
In the Poconos, deer abound.  These young deer were resting in shady spot in our side yard last year.
Black Bears are just as much part of the landscape in the Poconos as the lakes and the mountains.  This big fella was strolling down our road late one afternoon two summers ago.

Come and visit the mountains, streams, lakes of the Poconos. You'll have a wonderful time!


  1. Jane, This was a lovely write-up of the Poconos. You have convinced me. Next time I'm in PA, I'm heading to the Poconos.

  2. For me it's much further to go to visit, but you've convinced me, Jane, that it's worth it. The scenery and wildlife look superb. What a marvellous place to live.

  3. For me it's much further to go to visit, but you've convinced me, Jane, that it's worth it. The scenery and wildlife look superb. What a marvellous place to live.