Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Mysterious Columbine Blooming In My Pocono Garden ... Just One, Dang It!

                     I have only one columbine plant that's blooming. Just one.  This one ...
Pretty, huh? I bought it on clearance from Walmart 4 years ago.  No name. Half dead.  Well,  for 75 cents I thought, what the hey. I cut off all the dead stuff and planted it in a semi-shady spot in my front yard.  So far it's come back every spring and blooms its little head off!
Unfortunately, I have never been lucky enough to have it self seed though.  It seems that every year the one day I forget to spray my plants to keep the deer and groundhogs away ... well, that's the day my no name columbine gets eaten.  I know that day is coming ... just don't know when. Oh, the leaves eventually do grow back, but because of some dang critter, I lose the flowers, future seeds, and all the might-have-been new plants. Sigh ....
Oh, there have been other columbine plants that have bloomed.  About 3 years ago I grew some McKana's Giant Mix columbine from seed with good results. All had blooms their second year. I still have a decent size clump of the one pictured above. Right now just a nice clump of leaves mind you.  These did bloom last year, but later than my mystery pink columbine. And they met the same fate. Something ate them, too. So .... no re-seeding here either.  But ... this year there is a nice clump of leaves. Hmnn? Maybe there's still a chance?
This bloom, too, was from the McKana's Giant Mix and bloomed in its second year. This year, just a barely there clump. Not expecting much from this plant this season.  I guess I only have one recourse.  You guessed it! I will have to buy another half dead, no name columbine plant on clearance after July 4th!  I just hope I can find a different color ....

- Happy Gardening -

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