Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Is Busting Out All Over In The Poconos! Sort Of ....

                                     Finally, Spring is busting out all over in the Poconos!

 Spring flowers are in full bloom. Of course they are. That's why Big Box Stores sell them.

                             Ducks are looking for handouts by the pond at the local park. 

                                                 Groundhogs are living under our deck.

Tourists are back! Well, that's not quite true.  They just can't come to the Poconos anymore this year to  ... snow ski.

Fishermen are standing in icy cold water hoping to catch a trout.  Not a chance. Even the fish know it's too cold to go swimming.

And lastly, my wind chime is still broken. I was going to fix it.  Buy some new wire, or fishing line and restring it. Ah, well.  Maybe I'll got to Big Lots, or one of the dollar stores and buy a new one.  Funny thing about dollar stores  ... very few have stuff to buy that's a dollar or less. So ... why do they call them dollar stores? I'm starting to ramble, aren't I?  Hmmn, I guess writing blogs does that to a person after awhile.  

My brain's been on auto-pilot too long.  Goodnight.

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