Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Pocono Mountain Garden Girl's Last Visit To The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Do you want to experience a little bit of Heaven? Then be sure to visit The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. It's been a few years since I last visited, but as a Pocono Mountain garden girl ... let me tell you ... you can enjoy hours exploring the beautiful outdoor gardens. A bit too cool or rainy? Venture into one of their many greenhouses. The beautiful tropical plants and flowers will absolutely dazzle you.

Take your time. Let yourself bask in the peaceful, serene ... almost magical ambiance that surrounds you in this beautiful world.

Marvel as you gaze up at a towering stand of bamboo plants as they gently sway harmoniously in the slightest breeze. Surprisingly, they are not trees, but are members of the grass family. Some were planted nearly 100 years ago.

You'll be enchanted by the loveliness of the Koi pond as you watch the colorful fish glide smoothly across the tree shaded water.

And what would a botanical garden be without bonsai trees? Make it a point to see the lovely bonsai exhibit.

Need a little rest from all that walking?  Then take seat in the shade of a majestic banyan tree. The banyan tree grove at Selby Gardens was started in the 1930's.  And lastly, be sure to see the crown jewels of The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens ...

their exquisite orchids from a collection of over 6,000 flowers! 

If you love gardening,  and ever have the opportunity,  visit The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and let yourself experience a bit of Heaven!

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