Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Been Happening In My Pocono Mountain Garden In Mid-June

Spring was very late in arriving this year. Summer has been slow getting started, but at least things are growing!

This is my one and only Asiatic/Oriental Lily. Don't know which. When we moved from our old house to our present home 4 years ago, I took some plants with me.  There were quite a few of this type of lily, but they all died except for this one. This one orange lily has grown every year, but this year is the first time I've ever had a flower!  The poor little plant always grew, but something ate the flower bud before it ever had the chance to blossom! Yippee for 2015!
Had my first winter sown Shirley Poppy open today!  I have them growing in a large flowerpot and in the garden. They are full of buds! Just love the silky petals.
I have Columbine blooming! I have hot pink, dark red, and this peachy/yellow one.  This one, which I grew from seed 2 years ago, is my favorite! 
This is  winter sown Catnip ... after a haircut!  I have to fence it in to keep my cats from destroying the plants. There's about 6 plants in this pot (yes, I know ... way too many) but I just keep cutting it back and hanging small bunches in my garage on a nail to dry.  No flowers, but at least the cats will have home grown catnip during the winter!
Finally, my winter sown Alyssum is starting to flower. They should really take off in the next few weeks.
My tall, trailing Nasturtiums are finally started to climb.  These were direct sown. In the front of the pot are some Petite Marigolds. The colors for both plants are in shades of orange, yellow, gold, and red. I figured the little marigolds would hide the nasturtiums' thinner foliage at the bottom of the trellis.  In the pot to the left are Bush Morning Glory plants, Blue Enchantment. First time trying these. They looked pretty on the seed packet!
These are Cleome plants, also called Spider Flowers. I winter sowed quite a few of these. There are 3 plants in this pot, and I also planted out about 10 plants in my sunny boulder garden.  They are all starting to form flower buds!
If you're not familiar with Cleome, this is what the plant looks like in bloom! Unique!
 The Yarrow buds are starting to show color. I have 2 colors intermixed - one is a pink and the other is a cherry red. They really spread and filled out A LOT this year.
 Rose Campion is making an appearance this year. Last Summer, just bushy little plants. This Summer, those little plants are tall, wide clumps starting to bloom! 
 My Gladiolus are doing OK despite being waterlogged from all the rain we've recently had.  Last year I grew the taller kind 4-5 feet. This year it's a shorter variety about 2-3 feet.  Curious to see how the two will compare.
These are my Foxglove babies! I'm fairly new to foxgloves. I had saved a lot of dried seed heads from some of last Summer's bloomers, and in the Fall, I scattered the seeds into the  back of my front deck garden bed.  I couldn't believe how many grew this Spring! I've been  slowly taking some and transplanting them to different areas. I have plenty of shady spots that could use some color!

In a later post this summer, I'll happily share photos of my mid-June successes.  And ... not so happily, I will also tell you about some of the duds, too. 

     Happy Gardening

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  1. yours is the second garden blog from the Pocono Mountains that I've found. (from Cape Town via Australia)