Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Audrey III, My Oriental Poppy...Or Is It?

If you've ever seen the 1986 movie Little Shop Of Horrors, you probably know who Audrey II is.  
Pictured above is Audrey II, a talking plant that came from Outer Space. Seymour Krelborn,  a florist working on Skid Row, buys the strange plant from another florist who specializes in exotic plants. Seymour hopes to bolster business by displaying the unique plant at the flower shop where he works.  Poor Seymour soon learns that the plant has an enormous appetite. It loves to eat ... people!   Well,  now I would like you to meet my Oriental poppy ...
which I call, Audrey III.  Is this truly a flower bud, or is it another alien plant from Outer Space masquerading as an Oriental poppy?
I first noticed this bud forming on August 4th.  Oriental poppies usually bloom in May or June and have long bit the dust by August.  Should I be worried?
A little larger now on August 10th.
Hmm ... a spot of reddish -orange is peeking through on August 12th.
Did that growing red bud just turn its head on August 16th?
August 17th.  Oh my, it's breaking through. 
My Audrey II appears to be a fully formed Oriental poppy ... or is it?


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