Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I've Got Amaryllis Fever This Christmas!

Whoo Hoo! I have some amaryllis beauties flowering this year!  

I certainly didn't feel that way last year. If any of you had read my posts from late October through December of 2014 about wanting to have blooming amaryllis for Christmas, then you know I'd had my ups and downs trying to grow them last year.

I had tried two different approaches last year. First I had purchased Red Lion Amaryllis bulbs ... encased in wax. 

which bloomed beautifully,  but the stems were way too short and stubby. And the flowers lasted a very  short  time.

And I had also tried a few Amaryllis bulb kits. To my disappointment, the bulbs I had planted last year never bloomed ... just rotted and turned to mush.   Refusing to admit defeat, after the holidays I had become engrossed in reading as many articles as I could about growing amaryllis.

First thing I learned was Bigger is better when it comes to Amaryllis bulbs. A fat, heavy bulb with healthy roots will give you the best chance for beautiful blooms!

Second tip. Do not over water! Amaryllis do not like wet feet! Pot up bulbs in a good potting mix ( I added some perlite for extra drainage) leaving the neck & shoulders of the bulb exposed. Water well and then leave the bulb alone until growth starts. Then add water only when the top inch and a half of the soil feels dry.  

                                  Before you know it, you'll have flower buds forming ...

and then big, beautiful blossoms! This one is ...  Samba. And surprise ... this one was from a kit purchased at a big box store!  I potted it up and then kept it on the thirsty side.

I also did some browsing at the supermarket. This one is ... Denver.  It was a potted plant with two budding flower scapes.  I couldn't pass up a white amaryllis. No way. No how. And it was inexpensive to boot!

And now ..." the piece-de-resistance".  These are the same Red Lion amaryllis bulbs that were caked in hardened wax last December!  Last year after they had finished blooming, I stripped off the wax coating from each bulb, rooted the bulbs in water, and then planted the bulbs in pots. They spent all last summer outside basking in the sunshine and sprouted an abundance of tall, healthy green leaves. Then in September I brought them inside to rest for about 10 weeks. Ta Da! They are now blooming again for Christmas 2015!

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas & And A                      Happy Healthy New Year 2016!

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