Friday, February 12, 2016

Ice Sculptures At Crystal Cabin Fever In The Poconos

   Up for some cold weather February fun?  Come to the Poconos and visit Crystal Cabin Fever.  Located on Route 590 between Hamlin & Hawley in Pennsylvania, this is the 10th year that Sculpted Ice Works is again displaying their beautiful hand-carved ice sculptures. 
                                       Bundle up and take in the sights        ....

                                               the Colosseum in Rome

                                                the Eiffel Tower in Paris

                              the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor

                                                             or you can

                                                  venture under the sea

                                             and surprise ... you found me!

                                              Come and see a dinosaur

                                                         ride a little horse 

          or ride a 50 foot long slide all the way down to the bottom of course!

Don't forget to stop and visit the Ice Works Factory Tour & Museum

                                       and watch an ice carver at work.

     Check out their website for information.

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