Friday, March 11, 2016

My Pocono Garden In Early March

It might seem like there is not much happening in early March, but there's life under the mulch and pine boughs.  It has been unseasonably warm this past winter right into early spring. Today was a perfect time to go peeking under the leaves. The first thing I always look for is ... daffodils.

I tend to always plant another package of daffodil bulbs every fall and these are growing well.  These are Trumpet Mix and are classified as early bloomers.  Seems about right ....

This is a patch of biennial foxgloves that will be in full bloom in July or August.  Last spring they were small babies that I transplanted to a small rock garden under a large beech tree in the backyard.  They are still as bright and green as they were last summer!

Yay, my one and only Oriental poppy made it through another winter!  I had planted others in the past, but they all died from root rot ... except this one. So, 2 years ago I began literally burying AUDREY (that's what I call her) in a mound of sand in late October in hopes that she would survive the winter. And she did! But every summer she would do nothing but make lovely green leaves. Finally, last summer she bloomed for the first time in August! I can't wait to see what Audrey will do come this summer?

It may be very tiny right now, but Sweet Woodruff is a tough, and pretty groundcover.  By late May the whorled leaves will be a thick carpet of bright green covered with white flowers!

Catmint is such a pretty plant. Bluish-green leaves and pretty lavender flowers grace rather long arching thin branches all summer long.

Yarrow never disappoints me.  It returns like an old, faithful friend.

   Hollyhocks!  Understanding that they were second year bloomers, I planted seeds for the first time last summer, but didn't really expect the seedlings to make it through the winter.  Boy, was I surprised when I pulled the leaves back! Never having tried hollyhocks before, I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that they will actually flower this summer.  

Of course I always do a bit of winter sowing, too. Nothing sprouting yet, but hopefully I'll be seeing little sprouts by the end of April. Just got to be ... patient!

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  1. How wonderful to see things coming back. Happy peeking!