Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Few More Critters In My Pocono Mountain Garden

Beauty is where you find it. And the wildlife of the Pocono Mountains has much to offer.  Some of our feathered  ... and furry friends.
Mallard ducks generally can be found near ponds, lakes, rivers etc.  This pair was in our front yard.
        An American Bald Eagle soaring near the dam at Lake Wallenpaupack.
            A pair of nesting Osprey also near the dam at Lake Wallenpaupack.
                    A regular visitor in our yard ... a black-capped Chickadee.
                                                   and cows near Hamlin.
                  A big buck that came to our backyard looking for apples.
And our most recent visitor ...a feisty squirrel determined to get a chunk of suet from the feeder hanging in the front yard! Later in the summer I'll introduce you to other critters in my neighborhood.

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