Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Late June In My Pocono Mountain Garden

It's been a slow start to summer in the garden, but things are looking up.
 My red mini roses are doing great. They spend the winter in the garage and then summer on the back deck. This is their 3rd year. This spring I had potted them up into a very large pot and moved them into morning sun with afternoon shade. They seem very happy!
 My pink peonies were short lived, but very pretty. The plants doubled in size from last year.
 My moon flower vines are coming along. I started seeds inside in mid-April and planted the seedlings into a large pot outside when things warmed up at the end of May. I have them climbing up the supports of a large tomato cage.
 Of course I needed a hanging basket near the front door. I love this color purple.
 The pink million bells petunias are doing great in this little planter.
 This is a front view of the house and a view of some of my plants and chotchkies!
                                   My little fairy garden in the front.

 My front porch rail garden. The other day I bought 2 lavender perennial phlox plants to plant in this little garden. I'll have to move things around a bit to make room for them.
This is what I call my "Boulder Garden".  It's a small area filled with rose campion, reddish yarrow, cosmos, and pink/purple/white alyssum edging the front. I had recently added 3 purple sage plants ... that I had the misfortune to find partially eaten the very next morning.  I might have to re-think those.
This is the garden off to the right of the back deck.  Got lambs ear, shasta princess daisies, rose campion, some hollyhocks, and yarrow in there. Well, that's what's growing in there, now. As you can see it's fenced off. Groundhogs abound in my neck of the woods. They ate my coneflowers and chewed on my oriental poppies.  So, up went the fencing. So far so good.  I still have to contend with the slugs and ...
the deer, though.  At least the deer are pretty to look at!

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