Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One Person's Weeds Are Another Person's Wildflowers

I'm sure you've seen these growing in empty lots, along the edges of a dusty roads, and maybe even tucked into a tiny corner of your own backyard.  Weeds? Wildflowers? To me they're wildflowers ... daisies  ... and I love them! They bloom here in the Poconos for about 3-4 weeks every summer, and every summer I cut bunches of them and bring them inside to enjoy their simple beauty.

Daylilies or ... ditch lilies, as they are sometimes called, also bloom in the summer here with abandon. Found along many roadways and in many open fields, masses of tall orange flowers sway in the breeze and shimmer in the summer sunshine. A single flower lasts only a day ...

                                        but, oh, what a gorgeous flower it is!

Crown Vetch. It grows prolifically along highways, in backyards, in fields. It can be unruly, but take a moment to look at a flowerhead up close.

                                                         How beautiful!

                                  I don't know what these other lovelies are

                                                but they are just as pretty!

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