Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pocono Mountain Summer Wildlife

The Pocono Mountains are bursting with wildlife this summer.
Does and fawns are in abundance. And who can resist a fawn?
They are covered in spots. Have long spindly legs, and they have the cutest little faces. They are just so easy to fall in love with. 
Now, black bear cubs are also very cute, but always remember. When they are small, you can bet Mama bear is somewhere close by.
Hummingbirds usually start arriving here in mid-May and stay until about early October. They are fun to watch. And if you're lucky, one might buzz right past you in anticipation as you are hanging a freshly filled feeder.
Bubble bees are busy all summer right into Fall. You might even catch one sleeping inside a flower on a cool early morning.
Mourning Doves are here all year.  Their distinctive "cooing" is unmistakeable.
Ospreys are also here year round and have their young in the spring.
Chipmunks and squirrels are also year round residents. They are both quick to scamper away when they feel threatened. Ever seen one dart across the road? They run with their tail straight up!
Wild turkeys are also here all year. This young one is now fending for itself. It still comes every day for some cracked corn. 
Oh, my. I almost forgot "Big Guy".  We have 3 large bucks we are feeding this summer. Two are 8 pointers and one is a 6.  We feed all the deer cracked corn, apples, and old veggies and fruits. But "Big Guy" is special. He comes right up to the deck rail looking for his special treat and won't leave until he gets it.
Plain white bread is not the healthiest thing for him, but he is very insistent!

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