Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Pocono Mountain Flowers In September

Usually by late August into early September most flowers start petering out. Some, on the other hand, are just starting to show off their beautiful blooms.
My Moonflower vine has just started producing flowers. I started them from seeds in mid-April. Then planted them outside in a large pot along with some ...
Heavenly Blue morning glories which I had also sown from seed. What a treat to see the morning glories open in the morning, and then watch the Moonflowers open at night.
I love Marigolds. They are such cheery flowers. They bloom late in the season and last right up until a hard frost. Added plus - deer don't eat them.
My mini roses are doing fine,but I did notice a bit of black spot on some of the leaves. A squirt of a fungicide spray on the leaves definitely helps.
The yarrow is still hanging in there and getting very thick. I probably will have to thin out some of it next spring.
The sweet alyssum is still pretty. I had sheared them down twice during the course of the summer.
The tall, light purple-colored phlox planted with dark pink impatiens has spread out nicely. I have trimmed them both back a few times to keep them looking their best.
I'm still getting a flower or two from my Lauren's Grape Poppies, but they have really slowed down now ...
but the seedheads are actually pretty in their own right. I'm now leaving the seedheads on the plants so I can collect the seeds for next year.
My Calibrachoa (Million Bells) are still going strong.  The bees love them!
I love Nasturtiums! This year I planted Empress of India in a windowbox
and tall vining Nasturtiums in a large flower pot. They quickly outgrew their trellis, so I had to improvise. A tall garden rake turned upside down solved the problem temporarily. A few days later my sweet hubby was nice enough to go out and buy some new trellises for me and will put them up next spring.

Hope you enjoyed my flower tour ....

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