Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Slice Of The Pocono Mountains In The Fall 2016

                Hay Bales are starting to dot the rural countryside everywhere.

Farmers are attending to their livestock whether it be horses

or cattle.

Country roads are awash with color.

Lake Wallenpaupack is no longer busy with boaters and fishermen as it was during the height of summer. Come winter, if it's cold enough, ice fishing will once again be in full swing.

The Ospreys are gone. Both the adults and fledglings have departed for warmer climes.

Bald eagle are year round residents. They will begin nesting once again in late winter, early spring.

Resident Black bears are putting on weight rapidly to prepare them for their winter hibernation which usually starts in late December. They won't reappear again until March or April.

We have deer visiting us all year long. It's now mating, or rut season, when all the bucks are actively competing for does.  We hope to see many

new fawns next summer!

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