Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pocono Mountain Beauties From Springs Past

Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, in early April, I have very little.  Up in the mountains, Spring takes longer to arrive. Things are still brown and gray in April. In the lowlands, grass is greening up, daffodils are starting to bloom, and the buds on trees are swelling and showing color.  So, I present to you some Pocono Mountain flowering beauties from Springs past.
                                    What is Spring without Daffodils
or Bleeding Hearts?
Dandelions herald the arrival of Spring, too. Although considered a weed by most, they are still very pretty up close.
Tulips ... tall and elegant, they jubilantly welcome spring with open petals.
Short and dainty, Crocus brighten up even the tiniest corner of the garden
                    while Grape Hyacinths sway gently in the spring breeze.
Peonies always add a pop of color to the garden bed with little effort.
Pieris Japonica are just lovely with their little bell-shaped flowers.

One last thing ....
Be sure to cut some of these Spring-time beauties to enjoy inside!

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