Saturday, June 17, 2017

What's Blooming In My Pocono Mountain Garden In Mid-June 2017

Can't believe it's already mid-June. My gardens are still in Spring mode. Could be the cool somewhat rainy weather we've had for quite awhile. None the less ... flowers are popping!
My Blush Nymph Peonies are beautiful this year. I bought them 5 years ago as bare roots from Walmart. Part of the proceeds went to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They hold a special place in my heart since I am a new breast cancer survivor myself.  
Siberian Iris is also on my hit parade. I love purples and lavenders. This Siberian Iris is such a pretty shade of bluish-purple. Have no idea what variety they are! They are not flowering as much as they used to. Think it's time to divide them.
Bearded Iris are new to me although this small clump as been in my garden for 5 years. They just never bloomed. This is the first year they have ever flowered for me! The only difference this year is that I amended the soil they're planted in, fed them, and watered them more. I just love them! Definitely going to plant more next year.
My little red mini rose bushes are doing great! I bought them years ago on clearance (paid $1.50 for 6 scraggly little bushes) after Valentine's Day. I lost 3, but do have 3 healthy bushes planted in a very large flower pot that I over-winter in my garage. This is their fourth year and they come back stronger and just as pretty as ever.
I love Walker's Low Catmint! Started out with 1 small bush a few years ago. Wish I had bought more at the time. My original bush is now almost 4 feet high and wide. Love it! I did take cuttings from it and have 2 smaller bushes coming along nicely. 
This year my hubby and I decided to make a special garden. We both love and admire, The Blessed Mother Mary, and decided make a small garden just for her. This little rock garden was already existing, so we added a bit more rocks, planted some patches of white alyssum, and then added 2 solar lights. We placed our statue of Mary in the center of the garden where she faces the front of our house. It looks so pretty at night with the soft lights shining on her. 

Life has its joys and its sorrows.  I have learned to appreciate each and every day ....


  1. Sher2garden.comTuesday, July 04, 2017

    I planted catmint several years ago from seed but other weeds overtook it. I would like to try again in a more appropriate place in my gardens. Maybe next year.

  2. Enjoyed the pics thank u.. very nice and for a flower lol still nice