Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It's Almost Time To Force The Amaryllis Bulbs .... 2020

As soon as the leaves have fallen, the windows are closed, and the heat inside the house is on ... you very well might start thinking it's Amaryllis Time. There is nothing more beautiful than Amaryllis blooming inside over the Christmas holidays right through the Winter.
If this is your first time growing Amaryllis ... you can start anytime between October 1st and March 1st.  After planting, you should have blooms in approximately 6-8 weeks. Just follow these 5 simple steps to begin your adventure:
1. Start with nice, fat round Amaryllis bulbs. You can buy single bulbs online as well as purchase them from Big Box Stores. You can also buy all-in-one kits containing a bulb, pot, and a compressed soil disk. Personally, I really don't care for the kits. I'd rather buy just the bulbs. 
2. Buy a flower pot with drainage holes. A 6-7 inch pot is fine for one bulb.
3. Buy potting soil.
4. To begin, moisten some of the potting soil and add it to the pot til it's about 2/3 full. Place an Amaryllis bulb on top of the soil and gently spread the roots out over the top of the soil. Now add a bit more moistened potting soil so that only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the top of bulb is visible.
5.Place the pot in a warm, brightly lit room. Water sparingly at first. When leaf growth begins water more often. Now .... be patient.

                                                          Voila! Success!

 Once your Amaryllis is blooming, the flowers will last longer if you move your plant to a cooler spot with indirect light. 

 If you buy extra Amaryllis Bulbs and pots, and stagger your planting times, you can have flowers blooming all winter long.  The chart below gives approximate planting and blooming times.  Happy Planting!

PLANT                 BLOOM
Oct 15           Nov 26 - Dec 10
Nov 1            Dec 13  - Dec 27
Nov 15          Dec 27  - Jan 10
Dec  1            Jan 12  - Jan 26
Dec 15           Jan 26 - Feb  9
Jan  1            Feb 12  - Feb 26
Jan 15           Feb 26 - Mar 11
Feb  1            Mar 14 - Mar 28
Feb 15          Mar 28 - Apr 11
Mar 1            Apr 11 -  Apr 26

Have any questions? Suggestions? Or just want to say "Hi" ?  Drop me a line in the comments section. Would love to hear from you!

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