Sunday, December 17, 2017

Samba Amaryllis - Tall, Sexy, and Flamboyant!

Samba, isn't she beautiful! She's my new amaryllis for this year. She's 23 inches tall from the top of the bulb to where the flowers buds formed. Two buds have opened bearing flowers that are 4 inches wide, vibrant red with fringed white tips, and a white star burst flaring out from the center of the petals. Usually Sambas produce 2-3 stems with  4-6 flowers per stem. My pretty lady is very young. She has only one other shorter stem with a bud that is still tightly closed.
 I found her in a kit on a dusty shelf in a big box store. I planted her in good potting soil in a heavy ceramic pot on November 8th.  By November 14th she was starting to grow!
This is my beautiful lady on November 24th
December 9th
and on December 13th showing off all her gorgeous charms! She is very happy residing on table in my living room. She is positioned under a floor lamp where she gets plenty of warmth and light provided by a plain 150 watt bulb from about 8 in the morning til about 8 in the evening. In the afternoon the sun also visits her for a few hours.  

Give her light, warmth, and water (not too much ... she doesn't like wet feet) and a bit of fertilizer and she will gladly brighten up your dreariest winter day! 

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