Friday, February 15, 2019

C'mon Spring ... Bring On Some Flowering Spring Bulbs & Flowers!

Groundhog Day has come and passed. I know Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring. Sure do hope so, but he's usually wrong. I can't wait til Spring arrives, so I'll put on my own flower show!
Not the first Spring flowers to appear in the Poconos, but Daffodils are my absolute favorite Spring flowers.  They are just so cheery and tolerate the early cool days of Spring with ease.
Snowdrops, though, usually show up first by defiantly pushing their way right up through the snow!
Crocus are okey-dokey with the white stuff, too.
Pansies also love the cooler weather.
Sweet Alyssum love the sun but don't mind a little nip in the air.
A much warmer mid-Spring brings sweetly scented Hyacinths
more Daffodils
Muscari, also known as Grape Hyacinths
and bright, colorful Tulips.
When the later part of Spring arrives, the Alliums will be blooming their heads off
along with the Peonies
and Bleeding Hearts.
Just have to wait ... sigh.

What are your favorite Spring flowering bulbs and flowers?

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