Monday, February 26, 2018

"Pretty In Purple" In The Poconos

Purple Flowers ... I love them! Yet, color can be subjective.  When you think of the color purple what other colors do you imagine? For me shades of lavender, lilac, pink, rose, mauve, wine, orchid, grape, fuscia, and amethyst quickly come to mind. 
Alliums are one of my favorite flowers. They are living fireworks! A cross between lavender and purple is how I would describe these, Purple Sensation.
Yarrow is another of my favorites. Fluffy clumps of cute little petals of pink, orchid, and lilac on tall willowy stems of green.
Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory ... now that is deep purple with flares of magenta don't you think?
Now these Hollyhocks are grand ladies in the flower world with their silky, grape and violet color.
And what about this pretty combo of Tall Garden Phlox and Impatiens? Would you say shades of lilac and fuscia?
Peonies! They bloom in an array of colors, each flowerhead a mass of ruffled petals. This one is called Blush Nymph. Hmmn ... blush? Pink with with Rosy edges?
This lovely lady is called Lauren's Grape Poppy. I think her name describes her perfectly, don't you agree?

Happy Gardening to all

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