Monday, April 23, 2018

What's Going On In My Pocono Garden In Late April

The snow is gone ... finally.  We've had 3 beautiful days of 60 degrees, but some rain is coming for the next 4-5 days. It could just as easily have been more snow. Thankfully, Mother Nature has had a change of heart.  Anyway, let me show you what's happening.
Bleeding Hearts are like beloved, old friends. When I start to see their little red heads poking up through the soil, they always make me smile. It amazes me how a tiny clump of leaves can transform into a 3 foot tall, beautiful green-leafed plant with lovely arching sprays of heart-shaped pink flowers.
This is the 4th year for my Walker's Low Catmint. This past Winter into Spring, my plants were covered with snow for just about all of March into April. Didn't faze them in the least. I pulled aside the dead leaves and trimmed off the dead growth left from last Winter to reveal the new growth of fuzzy green leaves. I have three nice sized clumps that just get bigger every year. Come Summer, I sometimes stop and just watch the bumble bees as they spend hours flitting from one tall purple flower to another.
This tiny little clump of small fan-shaped leaves is a Siberian Iris. Last Fall, I dug up a crowded tangle of Siberian Irises that just didn't seem happy where they were in my yard. The soil was very dry and compacted and the area didn't get much sun. I separated the irises and replanted them in a moister, sunnier spot. I didn't know if they would make it, but I hoped for the best. Well, they made it through this very bad winter. Tenacious little things.
I have another bunch of red heads, only these are Peonies. I have 4 bushes and they love our cold, Pocono winters.  They get larger every year. I wish the flowers lasted longer than they do.
Can you figure out what these are?  No? Well, I know I wouldn't have had a clue either. They are a mix of tall purple and white Alliums.  They were ... taller. Either the deer or the squirrels got to them. I still can't make up my mind who to blame. At first, I thought it was the deer, but recently began having second thoughts. The flowers came up last year and weren't touched at all. This year though we've had more squirrels around than in the last 5 years. Guess I will just leave them where they are, and when the leaves dry and shrivel up, I'll dig the bulbs up and replant them into my front garden which is fenced. 
This is my fenced garden in the front of the house. The green you can see are Daffodils and Alliums. I also have 2 Peony bushes, 4 Astilbes, 3 clumps of Tall Garden Phlox,  and Poppies (that reseed) and bloom in this garden. At the moment, they are barely visible.  Things will be looking quite different by the time June rolls around.  Hurry up June!

Happy Gardening to all!

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