Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September Goings On In My Pocono Mountain Garden 2018

Hard to believe it's September already. Some of flowers are starting to wind down ... and others are still going strong!
My Lauren's Grape Poppies have all gone to seed now, but they were so beautiful when they were in bloom.
My tall Garden Phlox had finished blooming, but a few weeks ago I cut them back, and now I'm getting a second flush of flowers!
My tall climbing Nasturtiums like the sun, but they look so much brighter when the temperatures are cooler. The Bees and Hummingbirds love them!
The Petunias in the window boxes are still blooming their heads off! I must have cut them back 3-4 times during the Summer.
A pot of annual Dianthus has looked great from late Spring right through Summer. I have cut them back quite a few times, too.
I love my late season blooming Morning Glories! Grandpa Ott's are especially pretty!
The last, and my favorite of all ... evening blooming Moonflowers ... which are temperamental to say the least.  They are very late bloomers ...  mid to late September here in the Poconos. This photo, though, was taken this past mid-July. Extremely early for Moonflowers here. If I remember correctly, I believe we had a mini heat wave for quite a few days around that time and I had about 3 blooms.  Then the plant sulked for quite awhile after. I am happy to say though ... 
she produced more buds, and hopefully, will flower again later this month.

Happy Gardening To All

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