Wednesday, October 2, 2019

2019 More Pocono Mountain Pink Flowers For Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As a 3 year Breast Cancer Survivor myself, in October, I proudly wear my pink tee shirts and jewelry to honor those who fight the fight … past and present. I also happen to love pink flowers! And there are still pretty pink flowers strutting their stuff in October!
Some Summer stragglers just keep hanging in there such as Pink Mini Petunias and Mini Pink Roses. Though not exactly pink, I consider Purple Phlox a pinkish cousin! 
Snapdragons love the cooler temperatures of October.  Mix in bits of yellow, red, and orange with pink and the flowers pop with color!
Annual Candytuft is another pretty pinky purple flower. Looks really pretty in pots!
Pink Yarrow, a perennial, is a hardy flower that blooms from late Summer into Fall.
Hollyhocks are late bloomers, so September into October they are still pushing out gorgeous flowers.
Last, but not least, what could be prettier than Pink Zinnias? Just another pretty late bloomer that will make you smile through the early Fall days in the Poconos!

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