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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hallelujah! Hollyhocks 2017

It's July 2017, and finally, blooming Hollyhocks! What a long road. In 2015, I started seeds in peat pots in early summer. Come early fall, I transplanted the seedlings to their permanent spot in my back corner garden.
 My tiny sprouts were still hanging on in March 2016, but by June the slugs had gotten to most of them. A few of my young hollyhocks survived, just barely. I was so frustrated, but I babied them for the rest of that summer. Slug bait had become my best friend right through fall. 
May 18, 2017 ... just look at my little patch of remaining hollyhocks! Slug bait and I are still best friends. 
Oh, no! Mid-June and now dreaded Cabbage Worms were attacking my babies! Like an overly protective mother, I painstakingly examined every inch of the leaves on my two growing stalks. Luckily, I only found a few of the little chewing monsters. I quickly picked them off and gleefully drowned them!
I kept up the slug bait and my Hollyhocks continued to thrive! July 5th, and the plants are now about 5 feet tall.
 Nearing mid-July and buds have formed all along the stalks from top 
to bottom. Hollyhocks are such strange looking plants.  Jack & The Beanstalk comes to mind ....
July 14th and ...  color! I didn't remember what color the flowers were supposed to be since I hadn't keep the original seed packet. 
Love the color! Now, a bit later in the day and more petals and color showing.
          Ta-Da!  What a beautiful lady!  And the parade continues on ....
It took quite awhile to have these darlings finally growing and blooming in my garden, but it was so worth the wait!

Flowers always make me ... smile.  jr