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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

2019 More Pocono Mountain Pink Flowers For Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As a 3 year Breast Cancer Survivor myself, in October, I proudly wear my pink tee shirts and jewelry to honor those who fight the fight … past and present. I also happen to love pink flowers! And there are still pretty pink flowers strutting their stuff in October!
Some Summer stragglers just keep hanging in there such as Pink Mini Petunias and Mini Pink Roses. Though not exactly pink, I consider Purple Phlox a pinkish cousin! 
Snapdragons love the cooler temperatures of October.  Mix in bits of yellow, red, and orange with pink and the flowers pop with color!
Annual Candytuft is another pretty pinky purple flower. Looks really pretty in pots!
Pink Yarrow, a perennial, is a hardy flower that blooms from late Summer into Fall.
Hollyhocks are late bloomers, so September into October they are still pushing out gorgeous flowers.
Last, but not least, what could be prettier than Pink Zinnias? Just another pretty late bloomer that will make you smile through the early Fall days in the Poconos!

"Please drop me a note in the Comments. I would love to hear from you!"

Friday, September 27, 2019

Fall In The Poconos ... Why Are The Leaves So Colorful?

It's almost October and the leaves are tumbling to the ground in a vast array of yellows, golds, reds, oranges, and browns.
Now, the days are shorter.  The nights, are becoming longer.  It's unmistakable. The warmth of summer has surrendered to the season of autumn.  It is a time of rest ... and renewal. Most trees need to shed their leaves now if they are to survive the coming winter.  In the process, they give us a truly glorious gift to enjoy!
With the decreasing sunlight, trees begin to produce less and less chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the substance that gives leaves their green color. When the leaves have stopped producing chlorophyll entirely, the cartenoids take over.  Carotenoids are the bright yellow and orange pigments, already present in the leaf cells, that begin to show through.  Last are the Anthocyanins, the rich red pigment found in oaks, dogwoods, and some maples. It will be a good season for reds when Autumn is filled with warm sunny days ... and cool, but not freezing nights. Take some time and treat yourself to the dazzling beauty of autumn!

Take time to enjoy the beauty of the season.
Winter is just a snowflake away.

*Oh, and don't hesitate to leave a comment. I would love to know what Fall is like in your neck of the woods!*


Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Is Busting Out All Over In The Poconos! Sort Of ....

                                     Finally, Spring is busting out all over in the Poconos!

 Spring flowers are in full bloom. Of course they are. That's why Big Box Stores sell them.

                             Ducks are looking for handouts by the pond at the local park. 

                                                 Groundhogs are living under our deck.

Tourists are back! Well, that's not quite true.  They just can't come to the Poconos anymore this year to  ... snow ski.

Fishermen are standing in icy cold water hoping to catch a trout.  Not a chance. Even the fish know it's too cold to go swimming.

And lastly, my wind chime is still broken. I was going to fix it.  Buy some new wire, or fishing line and restring it. Ah, well.  Maybe I'll got to Big Lots, or one of the dollar stores and buy a new one.  Funny thing about dollar stores  ... very few have stuff to buy that's a dollar or less. So ... why do they call them dollar stores? I'm starting to ramble, aren't I?  Hmmn, I guess writing blogs does that to a person after awhile.  

My brain's been on auto-pilot too long.  Goodnight.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Poconos "WILD" Wildlife And Weather

 Nothing like a Poconos snowstorm and a trip to the doctor first thing in the morning to get you going. Anyway, got a lovely case of Conjunctivitis, better known as "pink eye." Great way to start the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend.  At least I have drops to relieve the itching and the gunky stuff.  And I'm not cooking tomorrow ... daughter-in-law is.  I'll sit in a corner somewhere and try not to contaminate anyone.  Bring on the hand sanitizer ....

Getting back to the snowstorm ... heavy wet snow, total about 8 inches on the ground. Thankfully, it's winding down now.  And ... I got some great photos out of the deal!  Two bucks decided to do a little sparring in my backyard.  Pulled out the Nikon and clicked away. 

It was really fascinating to watch them.  I could still kick myself, though.  I never thought to shoot a video!  Arrrh!!!!

And how was your day?