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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In The Poconos This Flower Bud's For You!

I have always been amazed when I first see a flower bud starting to form and then see the beautiful final result.  Just as no two flowers are alike ... neither are the buds.  How about a little photo magic?
                     This is a Nasturtium bud with just a tiny hint of color.

This is a Nasturtium bud further along. Now let's see ....

the pretty lady in full flower. I love Nasturtiums! They are bright, cheerful and when they flower they last for quite a long time.
Best of all, they are edible!

This is a annual Somniferum poppy bud. Lauren's Grape to be exact. Poppies are pretty amazing to begin with. The buds start off tiny and slowly begin to grow out and then upward. Some poppies, like perennial Oriental poppies, have fuzzy buds and leaves. The leaves of the Lauren's Grape poppy are smooth and soft. 

This is Lauren's Grape in all her glory.  I had been dying to try growing this particular poppy. I love mauves and purples, and I was so happy with this one. It is absolutely stunning don't  you think? Sadly, the flower petals seem to begin falling almost as soon as the flower opens. A stiff breeze or a drenching rain only makes these poppies fade even faster.

It's not a bud, but the seed pods of Somniferum poppies are almost as beautiful as the flowers. The pods have started to dry out now and I have been collecting the seeds for next year. 

This was my first year growing Moonflowers. When the buds begin to form they are really quite strange looking. At first, I didn't even realize that the buds on the right were actually moonflower buds.

After I did some research, I learned that the bud continues to evolve for quite a long time.  The bud pictured here was about 2 1/2 inches long. I was so impatient for this one to open. 

Oh, but let me tell you  ... it was so worth the wait! 
It's funny though, although they are described as opening after dusk, for me they seem to open whenever they felt like it! My very first one opened about 4:30 in the late afternoon. Others at 7pm. Some between 8 and 10pm. Some even later. Come morning when the sun begins to shine brightly they begin to curl inward. On cloudy days, I noticed that they stayed open well into almost late afternoon.  How about 2 more buds?

Know what this is? I bet you do!

It's a French Marigold!

How about this one?

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories!

                                                               Hope you enjoyed the BUDS.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Pocono Mountain Garden In Late July

July didn't start out with fireworks in the garden department.  Cool and rainy weather got things off to a very slow start, but the end of the month is going out with a bang!
The yarrow is blooming its head off! I have both a red and pink variety.
Annual candytuft, a dwarf variety, is really pretty this year. Most of the flowers are purplish, but the white ones fade to a soft pink.
Columbine is still hanging in there. Only a few flowers left, but they are tough.
Jackmanii Clematis is starting to bloom, but kind of sparse with flowers. It took a long time to get going this year.
Catmint is blooming. At least I think it's catmint.  I planted it 2 years ago and nothing came up last year. This year it came up and took off.  The leaves smell like catnip, but they are slightly larger and the flowers are different than my catnip. If any of you can confirm this is catmint, let me know.
Now this is definitely catnip. I planted the seeds in a pot this spring just for my cat, Patch. I have to semi-barricade it to keep him from tearing it apart. He does nip at the leaves that peek out of the cage. I plan on harvesting it later in the season so Patch will have his favorite treat all winter.
Oh, this is Patch chilling under the front porch. 
This year I direct sowed sweet alyssum in a few of my garden beds. Such a pretty little plant. This variety is a pinky/purple color.
Yellow day lilies still blooming.
Climbing nasturtiums are sporting flowers.
Annual poppies are completely pooped out now.
Cleome, also called Spider Flower, blooming in a large pot. Have some planted in a garden bed, but they are just starting to set flowers.
Gaillardia, also known as Blanket flowers are bursting with color.
Petite french marigolds really filled the window boxes with color this year.

I planted dwarf snapdragons under my yarrow down in my mailbox garden. They are doing great in a very sunny, dry spot. I have to water them everyday though to keep them perky!

Well,  hope you enjoyed the garden tour!