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Friday, March 30, 2018

Adventures In Winter/Spring Seed Sowing On March 30th In The Poconos

I decided today I would begin my outdoor Winter/Spring seed sowing project. Talk about being disorganized. I have gardening stuff all over the house!
This bag of potting soil has been stashed next to the living room couch for at least a month.  My excuse ... I didn't want it to freeze in the garage.
And as for my seeds ... I have 50 plus packages of seeds stuffed into a plastic Ziploc bag. Unfortunately, they are in absolutely no kind of order. Today I put the packages on top of my living room sofa hoping I could sort them out a bit. I finally chose 4 packs that could handle the chilly April temperatures in the Poconos.
Almost forgot. The Ziploc bag filled with packs of seeds that I told you I had placed on my living room couch? Well, they were stored in this little cabinet also next to the living room couch. If you look close, you'll see two Amaryllises, a Mini Rose Bush, and one sorry looking African Violet on the top of that little cabinet. They were there ... first.The bag of potting soil was just keeping them company.
Where was I? Oh, yes ...  for at least a month, I was also piling plastic milk and water jugs next to my Curio cabinet on the other side of the living room. Thankfully, I did have the foresight to prepare four containers ahead of time and was able to use them today. I still have to cut these remaining ones in the middle, then poke holes in both the top sides and bottoms of the containers. I'll get to them, eventually.
 Well, as you can see, today, I did manage to get some seeds planted in the 4 containers.
I filled them with the moist potting soil and then duct-taped the containers closed and used a marker to label them. I planted:
Viola, Forget-me-nots, Royal Carpet Alyssum, and Columbine seeds. Under different circumstances, I probably would have direct sowed these seeds right into the flower pots on my back deck where they happily would have sprouted requiring no future transplanting ... except

this year I had no way to get to the flower pots to do it! Thanks to the last four March snowstorms that came barreling into the Poconos with a vengeance ... one right after the other ...  I still have 2 foot snow drifts piled up on my back deck! 

Welcome to the Spring of 2018 in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Note: Heavy Sarcasm here.