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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Your Birthday Flower For February 2022

Happy Birthday February Babies! I'm one, too! Did you know that we have our own flowers to mark the occasion? Violets, Irises, and Primroses are our special flowers!

With Violets, sometimes called Pansies, we do tend to think that they only lean toward the cooler shades of purple and lavender ...

but they can also be found in the warmer colors of red, rose, pink, orange, cream ... and even white!

 Legend says that Violets represent spirituality, creativity, and gentleness. In Victorian times, it was often said they symbolized Courtship.

Irises are another group of Spring blooming flowers that come in gorgeous colors! Generally speaking, there are 2 main groups. This lovely one pictured above is called a Bearded, or German Iris. I like to call them the "Frilly Girls" because of their abundance of flowing ruffled petals. They come in a rainbow of colors!

Here is another beautiful one in purple!  And below ...

A pretty white one!  They, too, are Spring into Summer bloomers!
The flowers are often associated with Royalty, Wisdom, and Respect. 

 The Beardless variety of Iris are beautiful too ... but in a uniquely different way. This one is called Siberian Iris. The petals are more streamlined, not as frilly ... and the stems are tall and very slender.

And this is the other variety of Beardless Iris, called Japanese Iris. They have more elaborate flowerheads and shorter, wider leaves. 

Last, but not least, Primroses! Lovely little rounded flowers nestled in the center of a circle of bright green leaves! The name "Primrose" means "first" or "early". They, too, come in a range of colors such as vibrant blues and purples ....

bright and soft yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, rose, cream colors ...

and whites to delight the eyes!  Primroses are also known as Butter rose, Early rose, and Golden rose. Primroses, too, bloom from Spring into Summer.

Wishing all of you born in the month of February ... a very Happy Birthday!

*** All photos are courtesy of ...   Pixabay. ***

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